exclusive sneaker group.

Introducing HASTE, an exclusive sneaker group aimed to maximize your reselling profits. HASTE will help you secure limited items with advanced monitors that will notify you instantly when products are loaded onto websites, as well as
teach you how to resell like a pro with our insider tips and tricks.

Instant Notifications. ⚡️

HASTE monitors over 200 sites, sending you instant notifications on your mobile device or laptop whenever a product or stock is added to the website.

We’ve Got You Covered. ?

100+ Shopify Sites

Our high quality monitors monitor over 100 shopify sites, notifying you instantly on new products and restocks

Professional Staff

Here at haste, we pride ourself on having mature staff, helping you with anything you need.

Reselling Predictions

Every drop, we’ll provide you with accurate reselling predictions, so you’ll always know what’s a brick, and what’s not.

Shopify Monitor

Our high quality monitors refresh over 200 sites every 0.08s, notifying you instantly on new products and restocks

Drop Sitelists

Also, every drop, we’ll send out detailed sitelists that feature a list of FCFS releases for that limited release.

Slack & Discord Based

HASTE is based around the SLACK and DISCORD platforms, so you’ll be able to receive notifications on all your devices.


Insightful Discussions

HASTE strives to have a mature chat, free of trolls. We’ll never laugh at you, and will always be a troll-free community.

Early Links

On every drop, we’ll provide links to products before they are live, giving you a full advantage before anybody else.

Cross-Platform Support ?

HASTE is fully cross-platform, which means it can be used on all of your favorite devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, and even Laptops! The possibilities are endless.

Renewal Rate ?


Users love HASTE. Every month, 97% of our users stick with us. Now THAT speaks for itself.


of HASTE users will renew on their second month.

F.A.Q. ?

How much does HASTE cost?

A full membership of HASTE retails at a $40 monthly price. Our lifetime edition retails at $500, but is rarely sold and usually only aquired through giveaways and events.

Do I need a bot to use HASTE?

Bots are definitely recommended, and will greatly increase your chances, but they are not required, and with out AIO monitors you can easily cop without a bot! We constantly do groupbuys, so you’ll even be able to cop your first bot with HASTE!

Why should I choose HASTE over other groups?

There are hundreds of reasons to choose HASTE over other groups, but a few are:


  • Our blazing fast monitors, up to 800% faster than some groups
  • Our early info & leaks that provide you with all the drop info you need to know.
  • Our early links, that we provide for almost every single shopify site, every drop
If I know nothing about reselling and sneakers, but I want to get into it, should I join HASTE?

YES! If so, than HASTE is perfect for you! We’ll teach you everything, and show you how to get up to 50-100 pairs ever drop, and make more money than you’d ever think possible.

How can I cancel my HASTE membership?

If you would like to cancel your membership, simply email [email protected] with your purchase email address, and “CANCEL” in the subject.

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