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Here’s What We Do. ?

A little confused? Don’t know what HASTE exactly is? Here’s what we do, and how we do it 🙂

So. What’s HASTE?

HASTE is an exclusive sneaker group, but what does that mean? Pretty much, we’re a group of people, friends, who buy limited items together. We have administrators, and we will provide you with useful tools to increase your chances at getting these limited items, that sell out in seconds. 

We’ll teach you how to resell, send you early links, and we have plenty of guides with tips, tricks, jigs, and more. Not only do we have the BEST resources for you to learn how to start making money with reselling, but we also have exclusive, custom-coded monitors to notify you instantly when a product is added onto a site, or stock is re-added onto that product. We monitor over 200 sites, which can be all seen on our “Supported Sites” page. 

Our Values

HASTE has many values. We love giving back to the community, being respectful, and working with others.


Here at HASTE, we have a loving community, and are against trolling and hate. We take everything seriously, and will NEVER laugh at your or make fun of you for asking a question. No one is “washed,” and no question isn’t worth answering.


As in the name, HASTE is dedicated to SPEED. We always work and continue to have the fastest monitors and tools available. We always work hard to be first, and the fastest to notify YOU on product releases.


We love giving back. Every month, we’ll constantly run charity events, whether they be giving money, doing community service events, or doing limited charity drops. If you ever would like work with us on a charity-related event, contact us at [email protected]; We’re always looking for opportunities to help the community.

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