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Our Plans

Recurring $40/month

Our recurring plan is the most popular. We charge you $40 every month, automatically for access the the slack chat. You cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Free Plan

We now have a free discord server that is a part of our group. Free members have access to limited features, such as leftover GB copies, some monitors, and more, as a test for you to decide if you like the group or not!

Lifetime $500

Our lifetime plan is the rarest. We rarely sell these, and mostly give them out during events like giveaways and challenges. This plan gives you access to HASTE for the lifetime of the product. This is a one time fee.

Some More Perks & Benefits ?


Competitive Times

Our monitors are fast. Very. Fast. We provide some of the most competetive monitor speeds out there.

Drop Sitelists

Every drop, we’ll provide site-lists that consist of early links as well as a list of sites dropping that limited release.


Since HASTE is based around slack, you can use it on all your favorite devices, including your iPhone or iPads.

Troll-Free Community

Our chat consists of a troll-free community, full of loving, caring people, who will always help you out, and never make fun of you.


Every drop, we’ll run auto-checkout slots and check out limited items for you using your info. You pay retail, we do the hard work.

Upfront Info

Unlike other groups, we won’t hide anything from you. We’ll tell you everything, and keep the chat “unlocked.”

The KEY to Copping

The second you purchase HASTE, you’ll receive access to plenty of guides, giving you the highest advantage over others.

High PROFIT Percentage

Haste members make BANK! Almost every member who joins usually makes more than double their money the first month!


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